Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 5

Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 5

December is always a happening month, with lots of festivities, and we don’t just mean Christmas. New Year celebrations and winter sales are some of the big highlights of December. With that in mind, we saw a lot of awesome and different templates that were frequently used by customers.
Let’s take a tour of the best 10 templates for December.

Christmas Treat

This was an especially popular design utilized for Christmas preparations. Excellent color selection, perfect for the Christmas theme.

Chalkboard Menu

Here’s a great example of taking inspirations from other forms of display advertisement. Chalkboard menus give a great aesthetic look to bars, while effectively displaying information. Why not apply the same look on your next poster?

Color Schemes that Sell

Want to know a simple hack for achieving color harmony? Check out these popular themes by Adobe Color. It’s a surefire way to make your poster an appealing one. 

The Power of a Good Background

The trick to a great nightclub poster is to use impressive background, vibrant and abstract as seen above, and then overlay it with text that has impact! Use cursive text sparingly. Cursive fonts are difficult to read, and lose their charm if font size is increased.   

Create the Spirit of Celebration!

New Year is all about celebration, and welcoming the new year. You can easily create that vibe in your designs using shapes and clipart. The yellow lights can easily be created using “Add Shape” and add a circle, change color and size and make copies of it. Use clipart or find images online and then crop them in the Poster Maker. 

A Great Poster with an Easy Concept

The poster has all the right elements to make it stand out. The colors compliment each other, the text is bold and easily readable, the background is neat and fits the color scheme, and even the neutral white text color goes with it. 

And all of it was made using only “Add Text” and “Add Shape”. The key is not to use all kinds of different effects, (though it is not necessarily a bad thing) but to use few effects to their maximum potential. 

Humanize your Designs

A good technique while designing movie posters or book covers. A human face, especially one who's staring so intensely at you will always grab attention. 

Design Idea for a Sale Poster

Seasonal sales are a long awaited moment for many. Using the right kind of graphics can create a great first impression, needed for a first purchase. Sublime effects like shadows and line thickness can help improve your already amazing design.

Make a Promise

How you choose to design your poster also reflects the event you’re hosting (at least in your audience’s eyes). So if you’re hosting a big party, make sure your poster has the same passion as the event will be. This is a promise to your audience that they’re going to have a good time at your event. 

This concludes December’s top 10 templates from the design community. You can also join in on the fun, then create and sell awesome design templates. 

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