Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 2

Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 2

At PosterMyWall, we’re extremely excited to work with a talented community of layout designers. They continue to amaze us by creating amazing new design templates everyday.

To honor our design community we started a monthly series, where we pick 10 of the best designs from the community and share them with you. This is the second episode- you can view the first one episode here

With Oktoberfest just passing, and Halloween coming up soon, we’d like to feature some of the frequently used templates from these categories. So without further delay, here are this month’s top 10 list:

Create an Energized Poster

Proper application of the color theory can bring out a poster’s potential. Here’s a perfect example of what Analogous Harmony can achieve. In Analogous Harmony, the colors you choose all resemble your key color. The colors compliment each other, and they create an energetic effect, which is essential for a nightclub flyer.
In the Poster Maker, it’s easier than you think. Use our awesome Color Palette which not only displays the spectrum of color neatly, but it will also recommend you colors based on the colors of your design. 
This poster was designed by Renee Nicole.


Melding through Edge Effects

Some of the best poster designs are also the easiest. Take a high quality photo (or stock image) and use a font that compliments the image. Take a look at this poster, and note how the photo seamlessly immerses into the background. You can easily reproduce this melding effect by going to edge effects on the poster, select gradient and then set the opacity to your liking. This is because of the matching color schemes of the image and background. Designed by Sirle Kabenen.

Three Colors are Plenty

Here’s another simple technique used by Li’l Ratskull Designs. All you need is black, white and a bright color! Keep the bright color, (like the orange in this poster) and set it as the dominant color, which then sets the tone for the rest of the poster. Use black and white as supporting colors, where white is used for the text, and black is used to give an outline and a certain wholeness to the poster. 

Nature’s Color Scheme

Follow nature’s color scheme. And one color schemes nature follows is Compound Harmony, or Split Complementary. It’s a variation of Complementary Harmony, but two additional colors, analogous to your base color are also present. 

This is perfect for creating the accurate autumn feel with the mix of green, orange and yellow. Incorporate the same color scheme onto the text and back it up with a dark background and you got yourself a good looking poster! Designed by Renee Nicole

Use Bright Supporting Colors

Just like using one bright dominant color, with black and white as supporting colors works well, the opposite can also pay off. Use white or black as the dominant color, and a plethora of bright colors as support colors. The end result is quite a striking poster, and the music poster above does a good job with that. 

Also, you don’t need to fill every nook and cranny of your poster. Depending on the poster, leaving out space can actually help you create a focal point for the part that actually requires the audience’s attention. Designed by Sirle Kabenen.

Another Analogous Design

Designed by j-austin, this has been one of the most customized templates for the past month, and for good reason too. It’s quite a spooky poster for Halloween, from the haunted house to the font style. The bright analogous colors makes the text stand out, and that’s great because what would be a poster if not for the message it gives you. 


Brilliance Achieved through Font

This Church poster was designed by Renee Nicole. It’s got a straightforward layout, making customizing easy for users. You even have a nice space for a quote or gospel verse in there, with a font to give it the perfect look. 


A Professional-looking Poster

Advertising a Book Fair, Job opening or something else? This is the ideal layout for creating your own professional design. It's organized, concise and tells you a great deal while taking little space. 

If designing a schedule similar to one above proves a difficult task, you can add a grid (in the form of lines) to help you out with managing distances. Go to Clipart, then select Add Shape, and select the line or square. You can easily duplicate shapes by clicking on them and clicking copy image in the right sidebar. 
This Corporate poster was designed by QR code poster

Create Funk with Compound Harmony

Here’s another impressive product of Compound Harmony, using colors green, yellow and red to create a funky and yet a balanced poster. The white text goes perfectly with the layout! Another great example of how simple design can give you amazing results. Designed by Sirle Kabenen

Try Something Different

This poster has everything Oktoberfest represents. Sure it doesn’t follow color harmony, but the poster is bright, it’s booming and it promises you a good time by providing impressive visuals in the form of that frothing glass of beer. Designed by Sveda Design.

This concludes our list of top 10 templates from the design community. You too can join the design community, and create awesome designs, made easy with our design tools and earn cash for the poster, flyer and other templates you design and sell. 

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