The Best of PosterMyWall Templates 2018

The Best of PosterMyWall Templates 2018

2018 has been a happening year for everyone at PosterMyWall! We greatly expanded video, and with the help of our Design Community, provide you now with a huge selection of customizable video templates. You can choose from a gallery of over 70000 templates, with new templates being added daily.

With so much talk about templates, we decided it would be a good idea to make a list of your favorite templates in the year 2018. These templates were frequently customized to create all kinds of creative promotional content. We hope this list will help you find some great templates to use in the future.

Note: The following templates are in no particular order of preference.

A simple watercolor background with a matching sci-fi font makes this a go to party flyer template. It’s super easy to customize, and with the help of different background colors and the tint feature, you can take the design in any direction you like.

The second template on our list is a futuristic video template that works best for party promotions. It’s minimalist design makes it complete and whole, but there’s always room for more content, if you choose to customize.

This is one of PosterMyWall’s oldest templates, and it is still in vogue, as the busy elements mix and match to form something that’s authentic, pleasing to behold and right at home with bar promotions.

Here’s a flyer design that’s great for bands. Doing a gig at a local bar? Use multiple copies of this template to create social media posts as well as a flyer, so as to cover all your bases.

Minimalist designs are rare in Church and religious themed designs, but this one is a wonderful exception. An elegant look that catches your eye with a mere glance. The colors and starry background play around together, while giving the text items a distinct place in the design.

A sleek and elegant design, that facilitates browsing and works great for all kinds of schedules. Customize and use this template for promoting your next event.

Bold and Impactful, this charity poster design does a great job at grabbing attention with red, heavy text and a photo that compliments the rustic aesthetic.

This poster is good for more than just advertising charity events. Use it to advertise any kind of social event. Just change the text content and photo, and you’re all set.

Here’s a little something for retail. If you’re looking to promote your big discount offer or clearance sale, try out this funky template. Plus points if the sale is apparel related.

Spectral and simplistic, this poster stands out from the rest because of its ease in customizations (with basic shapes and text elements) and color combinations that feel cool to the eyes. Use this template to promote your next party.

Every eatery has its own style of menu. With this particular menu, Parisian cafes come into mind. Customize and use this beautiful menu to bring out your restaurant’s aesthetic.

This was a round-up for the best templates of 2018. If you need more inspiration your way, you can always browse the gallery, or try out our template recommendations, and see what lies in store for you.

If you have any queries, feedback or would like to say hi, just check out our Facebook page. You can also send us a message at

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