How a Principal Incorporated Visual Learning in School

How a Principal Incorporated Visual Learning in School

Meet Dr. Quentin J. Lee.

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Dr. Quentin is a principal and motivator at the Childersburg High School but managing the school is only a small part of his job. He also works to motivate students, teachers and the community, and innovate the classroom in ways to make learning a creative and fulfilling experience for every student.

He is also an avid user of PosterMyWall, and we got the opportunity to ask him about his experience with PosterMyWall and how he incorporated visual learning into his classroom. Here’s how it went down.

Let’s start with the classroom. What are your thoughts on visual learning for students?

Visual learning for students is imperative. Our generation is driven by images that have shaped how we perceive information. Students are able to associate valuable educational data effectively with images. Visual learning helps those students that may struggle with reading. It also encompasses more than just visual elements, it relies on the strengths of other styles of learning to best support the student.

So when did it all begin? How did you incorporate PosterMyWall in your job?

I started using PosterMyWall back in 2016. I used it for school publications. I was the principal of a small rural school in Alabama. We did not have additional funding for visual publications. PosterMyWall was an answer to our prayers. I made flyers for everything that our school did, and it was amazing. I even used the flyer for my daughter’s efforts as she was competing in the Miss Black USA Talented Teen Pageant for a national title. I’ve created all of our flyers using PosterMyWall. I conducted several trainings with my faculty and students regarding its use. I even presented PosterMyWall to a room of approximately 125 educators at the Dynamic Learning Project Summer conference sponsored by Ed Tech Team and Google.

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How has your experience been so far?

My experience with PosterMyWall has been amazing. It allows us to present information to our students and community in a variety of ways. Each way is different than before. It is amazing to see students be amazed with their creations. I would love to share PosterMyWall with everyone as it definitely has a spot inside of every classroom in America and beyond.

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What you’ve done in the classrooms is truly amazing. What are the 3 things you love the most about using a service like PosterMyWall?

  1. I love the flexibility of changing visual presentations to best meet my needs. I can change it to be whatever I would like.

  2. I love the templates that are uploaded into PosterMyWall. It provides a great start to any project. It also helps eliminate creativity blocks for the users.

  3. PosterMyWall is simple to use. You can create award winning visual projects in a very short time. It’s so easy to use, a caveman could use it!

Dr. Quentin was even kind enough to share some of the content he created in the PosterMyWall editor. We love all the designs and appreciate what our teachers do! A huge shoutout to Dr. Quentin for having a talk with us. Happy designing!

Click any of the designs below to open a similar template in the editor.

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