Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 1

Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 1

At PosterMyWall, we're extremely excited to work with a vibrant community of layout designers. They continue to amaze us by creating amazing new design templates everyday.

To commemorate our design community we have started a monthly series, where we will pick 10 of the best designs from the community and share them with you. 

Here are our top 10 templates for September 2016! 


Lines and Fonts

The first template on our list is a concert poster, designed by Sirle Kabenen. This design has seen a huge amount of customizations, on account of it being easily customizable because of its simple design and color scheme. An example of great design through effective use of fonts and lines.


Going Vintage

Designed by It’s Brad, we love this concert poster because of the amazing vintage look he went for. Users agree too, this poster has seen a huge number of customizations and purchases. This poster will look perfectly in a bar or rock cafe!  


Making the Most Out of Images

This fabulous fashion poster was designed by Sirle Kabanen. Perfect use of images, and the color scheme compliments images to make a solid design. Best part, the design has few components on it’s own, so it’s very easy to customize as a template.  


Band Poster 101

This designs speaks a great deal of things. “Punk Rock”, “The show will be a blast.” or “It’s happening pretty soon!” It’s a pretty rad flyer, not fancy with many colors (hence less distractions) so it gets the message across nicely. Created by It’s Brad


Getting Patronage through Colors

Designs by Katina created this vibrant event poster. This poster goes all out on colors, making it a perfect fit for a fun event. The poster also maintains its functionality by highlighting important parts of the message, such as the address, date and timing of the event. 


Retro Posters for Bands

This band flyer is also designed by Sirle Kabanen. Whew, no wonder she’s second to best on our designer leaderboards. Another popular band template - it has a retro layout, and customizing will guarantee an eye-catching concert flyer. 


Humanizing Designs

Sometimes, the trick to designing a compelling poster is to use pictures of people so that your audience connects with it. Demetris Walker used that aspect as well as a maximalist style of overloading text and imagery. Quite an eventful Church poster! 


Using Contrast Correctly

A beautiful concert poster, that gets the job done by great use of fonts, and a high contrast color palette that compliments the fonts and image borders, to the background. Designed by Sirle Kabanen.   


Less is More

Designed by QR Code Poster, this is the ideal nightclub poster! The call to action hits you right in the face because of the large bold font and large contrast. The background suits a party theme, and the text color matches the color scheme. Best of all, it is easy to customize. No wonder this poster saw so many purchases! 


Colors of Summer

Last but not least, this colorful summer poster was designed by Lubica. Bright colors are a great way of capturing the audience’s attention, and great image choices and background colors ensures that this poster will catch a lot of attention.

With that ends our list of 10 most popular templates for September 2016.

You too can contribute to PosterMyWall’s library of templates, join our designer community and start selling your poster, flyer and other design layouts! 

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