Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 7

Top 10 Templates From The Design Community - Vol 7

February passed, and we had a fair share of fun and festivity. Valentine’s Day customizations were expected, but we also saw plenty of customized  event and nightclub templates. 

Prepare yourself for a dazzling list of February’s most popular templates.

Have a Clean Look

One of the best templates around are also the easiest to reproduce. Minimalist vibes keep your audience focused on the information that matters. A design with less elements and no cluttering is a win! 

Use Colorful Backgrounds

You can create the following colorful posters in no time. Here’s how:

  • Find a colorful background.
  • Add a square or circle at the center, and then extend it accordingly. 
  • Change the shape’s opacity to 50% (or whatever suits you).
  • Mix up the use of plain text and fancy text, use different colors and effects, so the important information stands out and is visually appealing.

Valentine’s Treat

This is also one of our favorite designs. The color choices are perfect, as they compliment each other nicely. We even customized this design to create our own Discount graphic for Facebook.

Go Black and White

When in doubt, go black and white. It’s the safest option in any designer’s book. 
Tip: It also looks just as good when you get printouts, and are out of colored ink. 

Miami Heat

Try the recommendations by the color picker in your next design. It picks colors that match with your already selected colors, based on color theory. Pretty neat, eh?

New Spring Templates

With spring coming pretty soon, our designers have created new and stunning flyer templates. Many of them are designed to be easily customizable with the soft look of spring. Check our Pinterest assortment for spring poster templates.

Epic Nightclub Flyers

Here are some of our popular nightclub templates, and they’re absolutely stunning! The neon font, the shape usage and color combination have all been used in the absolutely best way possible. If you want to explore similar nightclub posters, check out our Party and Nightclub Posters board on Pinterest.

This concludes our February’s list of templates. You can check out the January edition from here.

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